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José Acasuso

* The José Acasuso Page

Igor Andreev

* Igor Andreev website Very nice site, done in Russian. Perhaps there will be other language versions in the future.

Boris Becker

* Boris Becker Page by Alessandro Albiero
An Italian/English site with up to date news and results. Most of the text is in Italian, but the pictures are nice.

Mahesh Bhupathi

* Mahesh Bhupathi Homepage and Fan Club
Informative page about Asia's number one doubles player. Frequently updated.

James Blake

* James Blake Fan Site
This Fan site is dedicated to James Blake,the Quickest and Classiest Tennis Player on the Pro circuit.

Mike and Bob Bryan

* Bryan Brothers Yahoo group
A nice gathering of Mike and Bob Bryan fans!

Michael Chang

* The Man MC
Loads and loads and loads of info. Frequently updated. Chinese & Japanese versions now up!

* Welcome to Michael Chang's Cyberspace!
The official site of Michael Chang. Beautifully laid out site, with some interesting things (like his prayer page).

Francisco Clavet

* Paginas Francisco Clavet
This website offers information on Spanish tennis pro Francisco Clavet. Done in Spanish and English.

Arnaud Clement

* Arnaud Clement
This is the his official site, done in French.

Amer Delic

* Amer Delic Online
Possibly the first website for this up and coming American tennis hero.

Stefan Edberg

* Stefan Edberg
Pictures, info, interviews and more. Nice layout.

* Stefan Edberg Statistics Site
The title is self-explanatory. If you ever wanted to know how many games Eddy lost to Tarik Benhabiles, here's your place.

*, a tribute to the great Stefan Edberg from all his fans

* Stefan Edberg Column
A forum for sharing news among Edheads. Updated regularly.

Thomas Enqvist

* Thomas Enqvist
A great site about this great Swedish player.Updated regularly.

Jan-Michael Gambill

*Jan-Michael Gambill Website
A great fan site on Jan-Michael.

*JMG Online - The official site at
A great site including photos, fan club, message board and other items Jan-Michael fans would desire!

Tim Henman

This page calls itself "a website all about Tim." And, by golly, they're right.

Goran Ivanisevic

* The Goran Ivanisevic International Fan Club Page
Links, bio, and fan club information.

* "Goran Ivanisevic, the Crazy and Zany Croation"
Pictures, pictures, and more pictures, as well as some quotes and a bio. Has not been updated since last August.

* Goran Online
Goran Ivanisevic site featuring news, 7 photo galleries, articles, quotes, interviews, FAQs, downloads, message board and related links. Also includes information about Croatia and Goran's home town, Split. Updated on a regular basis.

Richard Krajicek

* The Unofficial Richard Krajicek Fan Page
Just to see the happy family photo of Kraaj, Daphne, and Emma makes this site really worth visiting. It's updated infrequently, but is still his best fan page out there.

* Richard Krajicek Website
Another fansite for the powerful serving Dutchman. Includes a rather nice photo gallery.

Gustavo Kuerten

* Guga
Here is one great fan site, in both English and French. The author of this site states "Page devoted to the man who made me love tennis." Definitely wor]th a look!

Giovanni Lapentti

* Giovanni Lapentti
Great site on this great player from Ecuador!

Feliciano López

* The official site of Feliciano López
The official site of this very talented young Spainard. He's ranked in the top 20 in singles on the ATP. The site is done in both English and Spainish. It contains everything you would want to know about him!

Xavier Malisse

* Melissa's Xavier Malisse Site
One of Melissa Van De Wiele's many sites dedicated to ATP Tour players. Great site Updated regularly.

Andrei Medvedev

* Andrei Medvedev fanpage
Great Medvedev page in English and French.

Max Mirnyi

* Max Mirnyi fanpage
The first German Max Mirnyi fan page. Check it out!

* Max Mirnyi official site.
This site in both English and Russian. It has all the information for the Max fans!

Carlos Moya

* Carlos Moya Fan Page!
Visit this page during the day, when no one can be bothered by the annoyingly peppy music blasting out of this page. Other than that, this page is an excellent source of info for fans, much better than the official page.

* Carlos Moya: he's a lover, not a fighter
This is a very neat page about Carlos Moya, the lover, not the fighter.

Thomas Muster

* Gudrun's Thomas Muster Homepage
Informative site for anyone who can read German. And for the rest of us, there are some nice photos.

Rafael Nadal

* Vamos Rafael, The Original Rafael Nadel Site
Whatever you want to know or see about Rafa, you can find it here! Awesome site about this young Spanish player.

Magnus Norman

* Wincey's Magnus Mania page
A nicely done site about this talented Swedish player. Includes an extensive photo gallery.

Leander Paes

* Leander Paes Homepage and Fan Club
A great page about another one of the nicest guys on the ATP Tour. Frequently updated.

Mark Philippoussis

* Mark Philippoussis - the Australian "Scud" Muffin
Much more than you'd ever thought you'd know about Mark. Updated often.

* Julie's Philippoussis Page
Smooch Mark to your heart's content on this page! (What female can resist? He's so darned cute!) Not a Mark fan? Tuxedo clad Pat Rafter is an alternative. Lots of pictures, very old news.

* The Scud Zone
A rather informative web site on the Aussie bomber otherwise known as "Scud". Done by a bunch known as the Scudders (Ilana, Nablia, Iwona, Heidi and Val). Go check it out!

Patrick Rafter

* Rafterdom Online
One of the funnest tennis related web sites you are likely to visit! Visit now, and vote on your favourite Rafter shot!

Greg Rusedski

* The Unofficial Greg Rusedski Website
Gregmagic! From the same people who brought you Henmagic!

Marat Safin

* Unofficial Marat Safin Homepage
The first unofficial homepage for the double fisted Russian. Updated pretty often.

* Marat Safin
A very well done unofficial site of this young Russian player. Includes photos, results, screen savers, backgrounds and other interesting tidbits. Worth a visit.

* Marat Safin
An awesome site, with an multinational flavor (in 9 different languages). Safin fans will want to visit often.

Pete Sampras

* Simply the Best: Pete Sampras
Articles and pictures, but no golf scores. However it does have a cool "Help a Fellow Sampras Fan" section.

Mariano Zabaleta

* Mariano Zabaleta -Zab on the web
Nice site, hasn't been updated in quite a while.


Barbara Bonic

* Great site about this future star!

Kim Clijsters

* Kurt's officially unofficial Kim Clijsters fan page
Nice site, hasn't been updated in some time.

* Clijsters city
Nice photos. Hasn't been updated since 2002.

* Kim Clijsters
Another nice Kim site, though hasn't been updated since November 2002.

Amanda Coetzer

* Amanda Coetzer Page
A great source of information for fans of the Little Assassin, but the page hasn't been updated in a long time.

Lindsay Davenport

* Lindsay Davenport
Nice site with articles and pictures, though information is dated.

Elena Dementieva

* Elena Dementieva
A great fan page about the young Russian. Includes a photo gallery and current articles.

Jelena Dokic

* The Jelena Dokic News Website
Great updated site with current information.

* A Dedication to Jelena Dokic
Yet another excellent page from the makers of Anna K's Palace. This site was even visited by Jelena herself!

* Jelena Dokic - Australia's Challenge to Women's Tennis
A new page about Jelena, with pictures and results.

Alexandra Fusai

* FusaiWorld - A Tribute to Alexandra Fusai
Interviews, news, links, and photos. Recently updated.

Steffi Graf

* The Official Steffi Graf Website
This site is so great! Visit the gallery, find out about the latest news, read about her foundation ... there's just so much to see here! Sorry, no scoops about Andre.

Justine Henin-Hardenne

* Justine Henin-Hardenne Online
Very professional site about Justine. If you want photos, stats, interviews and other items, this is the place to find it!

Rita Grande

* Rita's Court
A grand web site dedicated to a talented Italian player, Rita Grande. Be sure to visit!

Martina Hingis

* Martina Hingis: Princess of the WTA
Home of the largest Hingis gallery on the 'net.

Jana Kandarr

* Fan Page for Jana Kandarr
Worth a visit. Not sure if Jana retired?

Anna Kournikova

* The Annamaniacs Page - All On Anna Kournikova
More a page for just plain Anna fans than Anna's tennis fans, with lots of pictures and an "extremely pathetic" (their words, not mine, though the description is fitting) anti-Federov area.

Florencia Labat

* The Unofficial Florencia Labat Homepage
Nice page about one of the nicest and most entertaining players on the WTA Tour. Frequently updated.

Conchita Martinez

* The New Conchita Martinez Web Page
Extensive site filled with biography, stats, photo gallery, message board and chat room. Completely bilingual in English and Spanish.
Since this site already describes itself as wonderful, there does not seem much left for us to add.

* Conchita Martinez and Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario
A great site about to wonderful Spanish pros. Hasn't been updated since 2000.

Maja Matevzic

* Maja's Homepage
Extensive site about this young Slovian pro!

Rachel McQuillan

* Rachel McQuillan Fansite
Interesting things about this homepage include a diary kept by Rachel during part of the 1996 Birmingham tourney and a Rachel McQuillan fan club.

* The Mc-Queen of TennisWell done site for the Aussie.

Anne Miller

* Anne Miller Homepage
A page about the semi-retired, yet still promising American player.

* The Anne Miller Experience
A nice page about the semi-retired American player.

Martina Navratilova

* Martina Fan Page
An unofficial page dedicated to the recent International Tennis Hall of famer, Martina Navratilova. Includes videos, a photo gallery and interviews, among other things.

Andrea Petkovic

* The page dedicated to German tennis star Andrea Petkovic
From the team who brought you, a cool site about up and coming German star Andrea Petkovic. Includes photos, wallpapers and videos.

Nadia Petrova

* Nadia Petrova's Fanpage
A wonderful web site, in both English and German for the young Russian pro. Includes great photos and anything you wanted to know about Nadia!

Lisa Raymond

* Lisa Raymond
Great page about one of the WTA Tours premier doubles players.

Dinara Safina

* Dinara Safina Website
A great site for Dinara. Includes photos, newsletter, current results. You'll want to check this out often.

Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario

* Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario and Conchita Martinez
A great site about to wonderful Spanish pros. Hasn't been updated since 2000.

Monica Seles

* The Monica Seles Tennis Page
Send a supportive postcard to Monica from this page.

Magui Serna

* Magui Serna Supporters Page
Great page about the the rising star from Spain with the ever present smile.

* Magüi Mania
Another great site dedicated to the young Spanish tennis player. Definitely worth a visit.

* Magüi Serna's web
One of quite a few web sites about this young and rising Spanish player.

Maria Sharapova

* Maria Sharapova
Nice site on this young Russian pro. Not much but great photos on index page.

Meghann Shaughnessy

* Meghann Shaughnessy Homepage
Official site of the up and coming American player.Hasn't been updated in a few years.

Ai Sugiyama

* Ai Sugiyama Official Web site
This is Ai's official website. Entirely in Japanese, so it may look funny on browsers that don't support characters.

Angelique Widjaja

* Angelique Widjaja
This Angie's official site!

Venus & Serena Williams

* Venus and Serena Fans web site
Extremely colourful, well laid out and devoted site about the sisters.
Beware of the poem -- you will never be the same again!

* Earth Makes Contact With Venus
A nice site dedicated to Venus Williams, with the usual pictures, biography, and news. Updated frequently.

Jenny Zika

* Jenny Zika
A great site about Jenny, from Austria, studying at Duke University.

Natasha Zvereva

* Natasha Zvereva Online
A cool site dedicated to "the coolest player on the WTA tour."